Picky eater kid: Dis attitude to sending it back

Are Disney table service restaurants like most good restaurants, where if your kid orders something more adventurous and hates it, you can apologetically ask for something boring, and they will gracefully bring you the boring thing and only charge you for one? Or do they have a grumpier/stricter attitude? If anyone has encountered this, let me know! Thanks.

It’s a while ago now, but when my DDs were small the restaurants in Disney were happy to swap the meal if they didn’t like what they had ordered.

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The only place this could have remotely happened to us was CG with my two DD’s (11 and 13) who aren’t picky but found the adult menu daunting and they serve children’s menu meals up to the age of nine I think. The server said “we can do pasta” to which both said great “what would you like with the pasta steak, fish or chicken.” . We had one with Steak and one with Chicken. Just a heads up while the steak was the best I had ever tasted it was $45 so take care :smile: .



I highly doubt that this will ever be an issue at a Disney restaurant. We had one situation like this at Sanaa, where my son ordered fish and no one, not just him, could eat it because it was so bad. I believe that we swapped it for a kids’ pizza and that we were not charged for that either. This happens with adult meals, too - my husband’s salmon at HBD came out very overcooked, with undercooked rice. They took it back, gave him something else, and charged for none of it. Like anywhere, you will run into servers that are more difficult than others, but you can politely ask for a manager if you run into that.

As for the kids’ meal comment - anyone can order a kids’ meal. I have not yet seen a restaurant that enforces an age limit and hear regularly from adults who order kids meals.

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Oh, I will be ordering the somewhat exotic stuff. Just concerned DD5 will order something new/different and then decide she’ll die if she doesn’t switch it for pizza.

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I just meant that if your child was a “Disney adult” it doesn’t mean that they can’t order kids’ meals.

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