Picking up the MVMCP wrist band

The day we are doing MVMCP, we have a dinner ADR at SC for 4:30. So, we will try to arrive at MK ahead of the 4:00 party time (we are park hopping that day).

If we are already in the park before 4:00, how do you get your wrist band?

I am afraid if we wait until 4:00 pm, it could take too long and we will end up late to our ADR.

There has always been a party check in station near SC.

Oh! Thanks. Good to know.

For MNSSHP, we checked in by Tortuga Tavern. It was the first party and there wasn’t a list online that told me where to check in so I stopped at a guest services umbrella when we passed by one to ask where we could get it.

There was a wristband handout in FantasyLand near Philharmagic Sunday night.