Picking up Slinky Dog FPs

Reminder to check your HS days for SDD FPs. I just moved ours from 5:15 to 8:45 because of the revised park hours. Lots of availability and it is only about 32 days out.


Thanks for this post. I was just able to modify my TSMM FP+ to SDD on Jan 13. Hooray!

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Yes, the time change to open at 8am for HS has opened a ton of SDD FP- we were able to get for our visit 1/28, and heard many others that missed out are able to get them today.

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Thanks! I was able to modify TSM to SDD on Feb 1st (I am scheduling all FPs for my friend’s trip, it is even more rewarding then scheduling for mine :smiley: )

Yes! There seemed to be a bit of a delay in releasing more FPP+ for mid-January, but a few days go, I was able to add SDD FPP+ on two separate days, when they had previously been sold out, even back to the 60 day prior mark.

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Do you think the new availability is due to park hour change or that Disney secretly releases more FP+ around the 30 day mark? My 60 day booking was on 12/4 for our 2/2-2/8 trip, but there was not SDD FP+ until the last day of my trip and it just didn’t work out. I did see for a brief moment a SDD FP+ at 7:45 PM on our “HS Day” but it quickly disappeared.

I was able to pick up a SDD 5 days after striking out on FP day… hooray!

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I think it’s park hour changes.