Picking Times for Fast Passes

My family is getting in on a Wednseday and are thinking about going to the park that first evening for dinner and maybe crank out a few of the rides since it is extended magic hours. My question is when I can start booking my Fast Passes online can I choose times? I don’t believe we will get to the park before 5 p.m. so I wanted to know if I could choose a certain hour timeframe on the Fast Passes.

Thank you

Yes, when you pick your fast passes the system will give you a choice of times (choice A, B or C). I always pick the time far away from when I want them and then move them one at a time to the time slot I want. You cannot overlap FPs and if you have a pre selected one in a slot you will not be able to schedule a different one in that slot without moving the first one. For example: what is you want big thunder, splash and space. The system may schedule it splash, space, big thunder. You really don’t want to spend the day walking across the park, but you will not be able to flip big thunder and space until you move space ompletely away from those times. Make sense?

Yes Thank you very much.

You can start booking them 30 days in advance; 60 if you are staying on-site. I fear that at 2 days out. at a busy time of the year, you might not have a very good selection to choose from; most of the “headliner” attractions will probably be gone…

You also mentioned dinner. You should know that reservations open 180 days in advance, and many of the table service restaurants will be booked solid by now; walk-ups are few and far between. I would look at the available ADRs as soon as possible and make your selections. Quick service, of course, is always an option.


On April 4th they will be changing this. They are saying they will not give you choices, you will pick times and if you want you do not have to pick three. I do not think any of us will fully understand all the nuances about these changes until next week!

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