Picking park days for my trip 10/30-11/6

Struggling picking park days and would appreciate any input. Would like to do MK twice (once Halloween Boo Bash and again at end of week to catch Christmas), HS twice for star wars, one day at Universal and one day each at EP and AK (would like to do the Wild Africa Trek).
Struggling most with what to do the day we do boo bash and the day after. Thanks for any help!

Sat 10/30- arrival day, dinner at a disney resort, no park
Sun 10/31- day: AK [HS (is HS super busy on the weekends?), EP (but it’s food and wine on weekend)]
Night: boo bash at MK
Mon 11/1- (no rope dropping this morning) EP
*The crowd calendar has Monday busier than others during the week and I can’t figure out why!
Tues 11/2- HS
Wed- Universal
Thurs 11/4- HS
Fri- MK/EP
Sat- AK (departure day but can do parks 9-4)

I think that plan seems reasonable. AK in the morning before Boo at MK might be a really long day but u could also RD and then maybe a break before MK.

Would you just not go to a park at all that day? Thoughts on what else we could do? Not much into swimming at the hotel pool. Thanks!

You could always sleep in and have a late breakfast or big lunch at a resort you’ve never visited before (like Ohana, Topolino’s or Chef Mickey’s or Beaches and Cream) and then plan on being at MK at the earliest time they will let you in (I think 7).