Picking an TA

So I know I owe some trip reports, still on my list to do.

However, since an AP saves money (ROFL, sorry too funny - anyhow who has one knows that it does not :slight_smile: ) thinking of a 25th anniversary trip in 2020 and using a travel agent this time. Thinking of using MVT. Anyone with experience with small world vacations or dreams unlimited?

good, bad, ugly?

I use Storybook Destinations with great results. (They partner with Touring Plans) Fast, friendly and knowledgeable. When I had a questions about an off-site hotel they hadn’t stayed at they went there for me, took in-room photos and asked my questions to the staff.

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How so?

On most episodes of Disney Dish Podcast Len says it. He does his Meet & Greets at WDW through them and it says it on the Storybook Destinations website. You also get a free TP subscription for a year when you book through them.

Interesting. I think of them more as being partnered with The Magic For Less since Mike Rahlmann mentions it on every episode of the BOG Podcast.

I do know about the subscriptions - many agencies offer them.

I’m sure they partner with as many podcasts and websites as possible for greater exposure / marketing. I learned about them when Len & Jim started promoting their M&G at WDW and Universal.

I really have enjoyed working with them. I usually do all this myself, but once I learned that I pay the same to use a TA or not I started letting someone else do my bookings. So much easier!!

Well I booked my own WDW vacations in the past but went with MVT for their great discounts. Alas they are few and far between these days and mostly for Value resort in which I do not stay. Still have my agent though and just had to cancel my Oct 1 vacation because my brother is dying of Cancer. She was super great and got all my funds refunded. I still have a April 2020 vacation scheduled via Darcy but currently only at rack rates until and if a special comes up in 2020 for the place I have booked.

I’m very sorry that you and your family are going through this. My thoughts are with you.


Thank you it is a trying time and I wasn’t taking the chance I would not be there for him. There will be other WDW vacations.


What?!? Don’t shatter my delusion.:rofl:

I have used a Small Worlds agent for several trips and that person was OK at best. Small Worlds has a great website. I am very happy with a different agent at a different company now.

This is a few years old but hopefully it’s helpful. There are also travel agents here on TP

I had a similar experience with Small Worlds. I was annoyed that I needed to book my own transportation from Port Canaveral to WDW after a Disney Cruise. I asked her what my options were and she told me the only 2 I had were renting a car or taking the Disney transport (which I didn’t want to do based on past experience). I did some research and ended up booking Happy Limo instead. I was looking for someone knowledgeable and they definitely didn’t fit the bill.