Picked up the second-guessing gene?

@profmatt has apparently rubbed off on me and I am thinking I need to scrap our current trip plans and start from scratch. Help liners, help!

I booked a weekend trip (June 1-3) for our one year anniversary. We left our honeymoon feeling like we didn’t get to experience the World Showcase as much as we would have liked, being the foodies we are… here is my current/possibly old plan:

June 1-
Plane lands at 4:30, MDE to CSR, drop bags, breakfast at Pepper Market for gluten free mickey waffles, then RD MK. We will either Uber to the contemporary or take the bus depending on our time and the bus estimates.

MK from RD to 1:30-2
Lunch at BOG
Rest at CSR (I will definitely be a cranky mess at this point due to our red eye)
Evening - EP WS and see about FPP for Soarin earlier in the day. (I currently have reservations at Chefs de France)

June 2 - this is our actual anniversary
MK RD- 2:00
CSR rest and freshen up
Evening- I have totally lost it at this point (I have reservations for tutto Italia and narcooosees) I thought my first choice was to be in EP WS. Then I decided HEA fireworks dessert party, but my new celiac diagnosis rules that out. Then we talked about just waiting front and center in front of the castle like we did last year when HEA was released. Maybe we should go to DS and have dinner and shop? Is that anniversary enough? Sooo many uncertainties and second thoughts with too many options to choose from.

June 3
Check out, probably book bounce back
AK post RD (we aren’t planning to ride FOP)
Then back to the tragical express.

Since we can’t really eat around the world anymore, I’m debating forgoing two evenings at Epcot and having one at Epcot and one at DS. But what would we do for our anniversary?

What would you do with this time frame and three day park hoppers?

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Hmmm… not sure what advice to give for anniversary night because I have not eaten at either restaurant. Maybe consider California Grill and watch HEA from there? I would have voted for dessert party but not sure what they will have in the way of gluten free.
Looks like you have great plans for your first and last days. I wouldn’t throw it all away! Just keep tweaking. It’s what we do! (Even while in the parks we are tweaking on the fly. It never ends!)

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I usually travel with someone with severe food allergies. They can only eat in one or two places in WDW without me panicking and worrying. I am sure your very significant other will have the best anniversary if they see you eating and enjoying despite your allergies. Don’t overthink it so much, your anniversary will be magical no matter what you do because you are together and you are at WDW. Have a great time!!

Have you thought about a different special event? Maybe the starlight safari at AK or a horse-drawn carriage from Port Orleans resort? We have done a few tours and have never been disappointed.

I’m sure you’ll have fun no matter what! Congrats!