Pick ONE

Suppose Disney announces they are going to limit their offering to only one of the following. Which do you vote for? What’s the single most important feature of WDW for you?

  • Rides
  • Atmosphere (just being there)
  • Shows (inc. parades and fireworks)
  • Food (no character meals, though!)
  • Merch
  • Characters (meet and greet)

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Was hard between characters and shows. But in shows you can see characters.

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Wow, this is tough, but if you vote for rides, shows, food, merch, characters the Atmosphere is thrown in the mix for FREE :wink: I can’t pick one but I can whittle down to two: food and rides.

Agreed. Tough call! I finally went atmosphere. My plans are always food centric, but I can get great food many places. And the rides without the atmosphere wouldn’t quite hit the mark. Such a small percentage of time is actually on the rides.

I am blown away by “Just being there.”
But it explains for me why even with price increases and decreased features the place is always busy.

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In my case, I’m talking very specifically about October 2020. It’s not enough in general. But having had a number of great trips in the last few years, and given the circumstances, “just being there” is enough for me this year. Indeed, I’m almost relishing the lack of expectations and FOMO I’ll have.