Pick me up a hat in Disneyland

Is anybody going to Disneyland in the near future and willing to pick up a baseball cap for me? I purchased one last summer when we were there, and I just lost it on my recent trip to WDW. (You don’t have to tell me how ironic that is.)
Here is a photo of what I’m looking for, only with Disneyland on the brim…

I will be happy to arrange payment via check plus shipping, if you are willing to help.

Thank you in advance.

If you would like to communicate privately, I can be reached at nabarnes (at) gmail.com


I’ll be there tomorrow, will check for you.

Thank you. I’m in Central time, so feel free to e-mail me and I can respond faster, if you see it and are willing to take on the task.


Probably be at parks 3-4pm, will let you know.

Wondering if you still want the hat, navy blue.

Yes I would still love the hat. I’m not as frequent on Forums, but you can feel free to e-mail me nabarnes (at) gmail.com


I emailed you a couple of weeks ago with the hat pic but hadn’t heard from you. Will pick one up this week.