Pick a Pearl Question

I think there is a Pick a Pearl at Disney Springs and now again at EPCOT. Can you buy the pendants at the Disney Springs location and take them to the Japan pavilion to do the actual pick a pearl experience and have them put in pendants you already bought? Someone in our group wants to get a pendant to give to someone on their birthday, then do the actual pick experience a couple of days later when they’re in EPCOT (which isn’t their birthday).

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Yes, you’re just getting the pearl, you can do whatever you want with it. You can bring a pendant from home if you want.

So they don’t put it in the pendant for you if you buy from there? (Also is it easy to put the pearls in the pendant?)

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this one - when I did it I just got the pearls, planning to do something with them later (and now actually I’m not even sure where they are, so so much for that idea). I have, however, seen a lot of people talk about buying pendants on Amazon, etc so I assume it’s pretty easy.

The Epcot location will set your pearl in jewelry for you, it does cost extra. Be aware though if it’s not a cage style pendant that just hinges open or close, it could be hours before your jewelry is ready. The best thing to do, is go as early as possible. We didn’t know first time doing it, and had to come back the next day because it was 2 hours before closing. The Pick-a-Pearl brand location at DS, I don’t have experience with, one at Uni with same name cost use a few HUNDRED dollars. They didn’t have prices displayed so you have to pick what you want (pendant type, metal type, chain, etc) then they’ll give you prices.

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I bought the pendant on etsy for a fraction of the price they charge at Disney and then put the pearl in myself.

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