Piazza size in via napoli

Hi. Thinking of making a res for via Napoli. How big are there individual pizza’s. Anyone have pics.

DH and I shared an individual size for lunch with an appetizer (and they bring bread.). It’s very thin crust, but probably your typical small size pizza if I remember correctly.

So would you recommend it to share or not.

Edit. My Brains not working tonight. To share with maybe a starter. What about on its own.

It really depends on how much you want to eat. We seem to end up there for lunch and have a TS dinner later on, so it works for us. If it were dinner, I might get more. :pizza:

Maybe someone else has experience. We also watch our portion size because we like to snack too!

Share a regular size pizza. Thin slices and two people can finish it no problem. Doesn’t hurt that it’s yummy too. And, this is coming from a New Yorker. :slight_smile:

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DH and I went for lunch got 1 salad, 1 app, 1 individual pizza, and bread to share and were stuffed :smile:

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My 2 tweens and I shared a large for lunch. There wasn’t anything left of it, but we weren’t so stuffed that they couldn’t eat ice cream 30 minutes later. Their pizza was delicious!

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Large at Via Napoli is big Dd12 and I could not finish it. Very good pie.

This is an individual size. Yummy!!

Great, now I want pizza. Thanks everyone lol.

The pizza there is probably the best pizza you will find in Central Florida. Love it


your all so helpful. thank you. I made a reservation last night :slight_smile:


I hope you like it. We ate there twice in Jan because we loved it so much!

I’m a pretty “big eater” and and the individual size, with a salad and the awesome bread they serve definately fills me up. I grew up in the greater NYC area, and I have to say that the VN pizza is some of the best I’ve had ANYWHERE.


glad i booked so.

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You can share…but its so good you might not want to. We always leave here super stuffed.

Hi I was trying to construct a touring plan for Epcot with a 12:30 res. at Via Napoli. My question is how long was the wait and how much time did you comfortably spend there (service time etc.). Just so I know when to book my FPP afterwards :wink: Thanks in advance.