Photos/Video of new Contemporary Lobby

This looks really great! Can’t wait for our trip!


If only they had carried THAT into the rooms!

Still, gonna slightly miss the “fallout shelter” look/feel. At this point it was as iconic as anything :rofl:


I was thinking the same…this new look makes this stand out. (What did the Contemporary Lobby look like before? Um. It was so unmemorable, I just can’t remember!) But to have this look in the lobby, but the Incredibles in the rooms seems a little disjointed.

Perhaps we’re not to supposed to think of this as an Incredibles hotel, but a hotel where the Incredibles stay?


Are ALL The rooms getting the Incredibles makeover? Or is it going to be another tier that they can charge you for beyond view?

I’ve been hoping to see a side by side. Before and after.

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That looks really nice and inviting, especially the checkin counters.

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From everything released, all of them. Including the Garden Wing.

I’ve always been a little amazed at how prescient Disney was with the Contemporary. They knew (or hoped) mid-century modern would become a classic style before anyone else did, and since Mad Men that style has been extremely popular, especially with “young people” . My very stylish DD27 adores it.

But mid-century modern has a few variations, and I think that they might be lumping them together, so that’s why some feel the disconnect here.

Yes- I think that they were aiming for that retro feel, which both the hotel and The Incredibles have. But the aesthetics in each are different.

For example, the entire Tomorrowland is mid-century Atomic Age style. Atomic Age (design) - Wikipedia The Incredibles seems like part of that.

Mary Blair is definitely modernist, but more angular in appearance and with more natural themes. I believe she did some of the Mexico Pavilion? And I don’t know how well that mixes with Tomorrowland.

Both are mid-century vibes, but pretty different, IMHO. Like macrame and harvest gold vs. chrome and red sparkly vinyl, lol.

But the lobby at least looks pretty coherent and I love it. The Contemporary would be my first choice of resort the next time we go, if we weren’t such big fans of Epcot and DHS and end up staying at Crescent Lake every time. It will be interesting to see what they do with the room decor in the future.

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