Photos of Refurbished Rooms at Pop Century

Not gonna lie, it sort of looks like a hospital room right? Doesn’t feel typical Disney. But who cares, we aren’t there to hang out in the room right? Haha.

I’m sure the lack of a third Sleep surface is part of their devious plan to get people to need more points and buy bigger contracts!

I think you’re price is fine!!

Then it was never an option for you anyways, as the beds have always been doubles.

No - it used to be an option when they were littler. Now they are almost like real sized humans and neither want to sleep with one another (boy/girl siblings) nor do their father or I want to share a bed with them

I completely understand. I haven’t been able to share a bed with my daughter for the last 8 years. She kicks in her sleep and I enjoy my kidneys staying where they are designed to be.

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@OBNurseNH, I walked over again tonight and saw this room. I believe this is a King bed. It has a separate table and no Murphy bed.


Thanks for sharing these pics @scrapper1617!

This would appear to be a connecting room, too. Vs adjoining. (chat reference LOL)

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You’re welcome! I took one for the team and snuck behind the little construction gate.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I noticed that it’s a connecting room!:joy:


Thanks for living dangerously and getting these pics! :joy:
I’m going to watch this discussion prior to our October trip… I may rethink my original plan to request a 50’s lake view!

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You’re welcome!:slightly_smiling_face:


Based on what you saw, should we request to stay in the 60s building? We were planning to stay there and hoping for a Lakeview. We check in June 6!

Are there any rooms that are already fully refurbished that we should consider? Our family would like a queen and a Murphy bed.

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I don’t think any refurbished rooms will be ready in the next few weeks, at least that’s what the CM told me. The 90’s building will definitely be the first one done. We stayed in the 60’s facing the lake, room 5414. Very close to the bridge to AOA. This was our view:


Awesome! I’m not sure what our room number was when we stayed at POP last time, but I know it was on the top floor on the corner with a lake view by the stairs with the rounded dome. Blue I think?

Hopefully they will accommodate our request again!

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We’ve gotten the 60’s lake view each time we’ve requested it. I hope you get the room you want!

More pics of the refurb…

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To address the question of bunk bed size… I (5’4" and chubby) found it very comfy last summer… I had a few inches of space at the end, and though I did have to remember not to sit straight up (on the bottom bunk) I never actually whacked my head. I think it’s about the same size as the daybeds in the deluxes.

Another thing to keep in mind is sleeping position… my 6’3" nephew didn’t fit well on the daybed when he was about 6’1", but his friend who is nearly his height sleeps more curled up and liked it just fine.

I like this better than I thought I would!

I have to comment that bathing a child in a a tub with a glass door is miserable though!

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Yeah, I do like the rooms but i still think they’re a little bland.

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