PhotoPass Stickers and Borders

I had lots of questions about the sticker and border options before our trip. Now that I have finished adding the stickers and borders, and downloaded all of the pictures, I can provide some comments about the stickers and borders that were available to us for our trip last month.

We had fabulous sticker and border options when we bought Memory Maker for our 2012 trip.

For our December 2019 trip, they were not as fabulous. And these options are only available for use on an iPhone or iPad (Maybe a Mac, but I don’t have one). These options are not available on a PC.

My gripes:

  1. Stickers and borders are not available for all pictures.

  2. There are limited stickers and borders available. And they are nearly identical for every picture. But I must say, they have them for each of the fabulous 5 and almost every princess.

  3. Options are not customized for where the pictures were taken. For example, in 2012, we had pictures taken with characters. We had sticker options with those character’s autographs in those pictures’ sticker options.

Once I added the stickers/borders, I had to save the pictures to my device.

The digital file for the pictures are only good for printing one size, 4x6. If you need to print in different sizes, the borders will be cut. In 2012, I had the option to save the picture with stickers/borders in different print sizes.

Hope this helps somebody.

EDIT: In 2012, we received a CD of stock pictures with the Memory Maker purchase. This time, it was not included unless you purchased the jump drive of your photos for another $35. I happened to take some pictures at the photo studio in DS. I mentioned the lack of stock photos to the CM at the desk. The manager pixie dusted me with CDs of the stock photos!

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I heard this was changing. I don’t understand why they would reduce the borders and stickers. Nobody at disney could possibly think this is a cost reduction, could they? Maybe the reasoning is people will buy picture frames instead.

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