PhotoPass snafu -- "non-swipe" photos all missing

Just spent three days in the parks. I have showing in my PhotoPass all the photos with photographers, and for all the rides where you actively “swipe” your magicband at the end of the ride. Some rides however are “non-swipe”, where there is some sensor somewhere, unseen by you, and you just end up getting your photos. Problem is, I never got any of these non-swipe photos.

Has anyone seen this before?

A CM in the park said there was a 48 hour delay for here because they need to check for inappropriate images (thank you to the “fine” folk who think that is funny). But it has been a week already

Also, anyone have the list of MK rides that are non-swipe. One I know if is 7DMT, and we rode that twice… but no photos

I also have no ride photos this trip. Buzz, Haunted Mansion, Slinky Dog. Making my lost photo list

I got a photo on Buzz… that was one I swiped for at the ride exit. Does Haunted Mansion do non-swipe photos… we did ride that and again no photo

Oh, I did file a missing photo report… it is one report per photo, and they want you to upload two photos of the people in the photo for each one… so I only submitted one report… so far no answer/

Haunted Mansion has a photo near the beginning, facing portraits with lightning flashes. It is usually a good picture.

You should phone the Photopass number ASAP. They should be able to locate your photos.

It will help if you know what day you were in each park and roughly when you were at each of the rides…

Hmmmm, now however will a liner remember all those things??? :thinking: :joy::joy::joy:

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Me and DS didn’t get any ride pics in Aug whether we swiped or not - my parents were with us and got all theirs. Very odd. But at least it meant we got pics where we all rode together, like TOT.

I did the email request and they were all found very quickly. I didn’t do a separate one for each photo, but I did attach a photo of us that day, the time and date obviously, and where there was also a pic of my parents riding either in front or behind us, I included their photo and the time it was taken.

PotC is also a no swipe photo, didn’t see it mentioned.

We were there last week and got multiples (for each magic band) for HM and POTC. We had more trouble with Buzz, despite swiping. I took photos of the preview screens so we had the photo number and I emailed Photo Pass help a few days ago to try to get the missing ones. Still no response, even though having the number of the photo should make it a really easy request. Perhaps they are backed up with reviews/requests due to the holidays?

It sounds like there are real issues with the system so I bet they are backed up.

IIUC, if there is a problem with your magic band battery it will work fine at any place you tap it (FP, entrance, photographers) but it won’t work for location stuff (on ride pictures and finding you at BOG). I am not 100% sure about this and I also don’t know of any way to test if your battery is Ok.

Technically you’re right, but I also didn’t get any ride pics I scanned for (brand new band ) while I did get pics from photopass photographers.

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I called the Disney PhotoPass phone number, and the issue turns out to be simple:

The non-swipe ones all got put on my Wife’s magicband instead of mine (she has a separate MDE account). So on the photos website I needed to change the Filter from “View only my photos” which it annoyingly defaulted, to “View all photos”

I guess her Disney signal is just stronger than mine… :slight_smile:

You should have got them on both, so your band does have issues. But if you’re not splitting up, it doesn’t matter.