Photopass share group for late Aug/early Sept

@Vista_way @Connieang @rtloesch @LittleBird2002

I’ve connected with Connie on email. My trip is 8/25-30 and I think all of yours are close to the same time, one maybe a week later, but it all works for this purpose. If no one is comfortable setting it up I can do it and we can pay through Paypal?

Alan Collins or we can move this to FB chat.

Hi Alan, I am interested. Paypal works or I can Zelle or send you a check.

Paypal seems easy enough. Just want to make sure at least 4 of us are in. @Connieang @Vista_way @LittleBird2002? is anyone else in?

I am 8/14-8/20. Would that work?

@wesamfa I think so. Your dates would be the first in this group. A pic taken 8/14 would expire at the end of Sept, which I think would give you and everyone enough time to sort out what they want to do with their pics.

How much would it be and when would you need payment?

Awesome. Count me in!

I’m in! Alan - Do you mind setting it up? I can send check/pay pal. My dates are Aug 29-Sep 4. I’ll send a pm to your facebook. I get too many junk emails in my email that I could miss a response.

$169 divided by the number of families that join in. Hoping we get 4 or 5. So far we have me, @wesamfa, @rtloesch, and I’m pretty sure @Connieang wanted to get in. @Vista_way just messaged me and wants in. With 4 it’s $42.25. With 5 it’s $33.80. Not sure about taxes.

I’m connected to Sandi (Vista) and Robert in FB messenger now. @wesamfa @Connieang Please connect with me there and we’ll get going. I already have a seldom used email acct I can use to set this up.

Wes doesn’t use FB so we’ll stick w/him here. All set with Robert and Sandi. @Connieang let us know if you want in. Has anyone set this up before? I feel confident I can do it right but wanted to ask.

Off topic - go outside and you can see Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn with your naked eye. Amazing!! Venus is already beyond the horizon where I live but is visible after sunset.

Can I join? our dayes ate Aug 24 to Sep 3.

We are currently at 5 and have room for one more. Anyone else looking to join?

I’m going Sept 3-7. Is there still room?

@SingleRider sent you a PM.

We have room for one more if anyone is interested!

sorry… The group filled…

Is your memory share full? My dates are 8/27-8/31.

That email bounces.

Yeah it filled… sorry
The facebook group Disney Memory Maker Share is very active… Unfortunately liners and the forum are just too slow…