Photopass photos showing in MDE app but not on web?

I already sent an email to Disney on this one - but just wondered if any else ever experienced this issue and how they resolved it. When I open the MDE app on my phone I am able to see ALL of my photo pass photos from our trip last week (which I still owe you all a trip report on - it is on my list) however, when I go to the web interface less than half of them show up. Very infuriating!! Anyone ever experience this??

Did you look at the filters? Sometimes the ones online only show one park? You need to set it to show all or something like that?

I did check the filters - I am wondering if for some reason the web is only showing things scanned with my band where as app is showing for everyone in the party.

Is it set this way:

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That actually was the solution - I swear I checked that filter - but I think I was just tired and panicked and missed it!! THANK YOU!!


Yay! I’m glad it worked!