Photopass Photographers at Typhoon Lagoon?

Anyone know if we can expect photopass photographers to be at Typhoon Lagoon in early October? We’re particularly interested to know if there’s a photopass photographer near Shark Reef. Would love to avoid carrying our camera in the waterpark if possible. Thanks!

There wasn’t any at all in waterparks at Easter… We took disposable waterproof camera into shark reef for photos.

When we were there in june they were at both parks. Both at the entry and at various attractions. Not sure about shark reef specifically though.

Last year late August/early Sept we saw three (intermittently):

  • one doing a Stitch M&G
  • one in the kids area
  • one wading the lazy river
    We returned in May (way more crowded) and didn’t see a single one - very disappointing!

Thanks, all. Sounds like we’ll just have to plan on bringing our own camera.