Photopass on rides

First full day yesterday and we did several rides. We had magicbands and touched Mickey where we were able to after the ride. Some ride photographs appeared but some e.g. Splash Mountain and TestTrack are not showing even this morning. Is this normal and if so how long should we wait before reporting as lost?

You don’t need to touch your band. Ride photos should load to your MDE automatically. It sometimes takes 24-48 hours to see them and they don’t always show in the APP but do show on browser version of MDE. If you don’t see them after a few days you can email or call the photo pass peeps and they will locate them for you

On the browser it took me a while to figure out there are tabs on the top to change parks. I think it is different in my apps.

This happened to me. 3 days later, I was able to get over to the Photopass office at Disney Springs (this was in March… is it still there?) and they were able to find the picture for me. I happened to know the date and time, as we’d ridden it on a FPP. They found the camera roll from that hour and were able to recover the picture and move it to my account… all with a smile.

Also, some photos take a little longer to be added to your account than others. Make note of when your rode the rides and if they’re not there later today or tomorrow, then go over to Photopass services.

They all just turned up! Thank you all.