Photopass "Magic" Photos

Anyone know if you can ask the photographers around the parks to take any specific “magic shots”? The ones where they have you put your hand out and when you see the photo it looks like Tinkerbell is there etc…? We have a few really cute ones from last trip and the kids really get a kick out of them. I was looking at someone’s pics today and I saw a few really cut ones!

We just asked the photographers if they had any magic shots. I think it helps if the line is short or non-existent. We would only go to the photographers if the line was less than one family ahead of us.

Each one usually has access a limited set of them. And only the photographers with hand held cameras will be able to do them. The ones setup on tripods like on Main Street will not. Just ask for them.


Here’s a good resource along with a section on ‘Magic Shots’



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Great info., thanks everyone!