Photopass Extra Pro Shots

When we went on our first trip in 2017 I purchased the Memory Maker. When I got home and downloaded my photos there were extra “professional” pics included. For example, scenery around the parks, character shots, firework shots, etc. I have no idea how they were included or if I did anything to get them. After our summer trip in August, I don’t see where or how do access something similar. I was an AP during this trip, where the first time I wasn’t. Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about? Is this still a thing?

I think it’s standard. I got them in September 2018. I don’t have an AP, just regular memory maker purchase.

It was still standard to include those in November (my most recent trip), but I know Photo Pass has gotten an overhaul (new website, no more border and frame options, etc) since then. Has anyone seen them since then?

I did not see them in Jan 2019 or July 2019