PhotoPass Cards

Hey everyone. I have 2 photopass cards that I’m trying to download and am getting an error message that there are no photos associated with the cards. Does anyone know if this happens often and if there’s really any chance I’ll get my photos back? They were photos of my daughters fighting Darth Vader in Jedi Training Camp and in the Enchanted Tales with Belle show with Belle. I really would not want to lose them because I didn’t take many pictures of those because I thought they were covered by PhotoPass. I’m calling when PhotoPass help opens at 9 a.m. but am wondering if anyone has ever had any success recovering “lost” photos.

Not sure if the cards will be viable, but when you speak to PhotoPass, ask if they can access the images using the date/time of each of the experiences. There may be a backdoor for them to go through to retrieve those particular sessions.
I think it would be odd that both of those sessions, at different parks, different times would both be irretrievable. Unless, there had been a catastrophic failure on the server they use.
Good Luck! I hope they can help you out.

I’ve had that happen. First, did you link those cards to your MM account? If memory serves, you can only do this one way, either on the app or on the website, but I can’t remember which.

Second, has it been at least 24 hours since they were taken?

You should be able to get it all sorted out when you call.