Photopass and Masks!

Just a heads up… I found this out the hard way. If you get the photopass and happen to take down your mask on an “indoor” ride for the photo, Disney will not provide you with the photo. It will not be released and will be deleted. It violates “park guidelines”. So the all the photos of my kids who pulled down their mask right at the time the photo was taken will never be seen. Also, they consider Test Track an indoor ride eventhough the photo is taken OUTSIDE. So frustrating.

This has been the policy since they reopened during the pandemic. It should not be a surprise.


Well I didnt read the entire terms and conditions word by word so thats on me.

This post was mainly for folks who may not be so well versed as you and I figured I would give them a heads up. So I hope it helps them.

Thanks for your reply though… it was very helpful

So very fond of “park guidelines” :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

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Yes, our first ride this last time was on Space Mountain, and as I disembarked, I watched the [epithet deleted] in front of me put his mask BACK ON, and I knew immediately that our photograph would be erased because of his selfishness. I’m still really irked at his behavior.


He may have been like my children and myself… we just didnt know or realize it.

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^ this you? Doesn’t sound like an accident.


Oh come now. We are all adults from here. No need to redact anything.



I think they meant didn’t know about the rule

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Isn’t there a game you’re supposed to be watching!!!

Yeah, not only is this common knowledge (and been policy for 1.5 years)… it’s common sense to me. If they’re making you wear the mask when you’re in line and getting on the ride why would you think you can take it off during?


Good lord it just got dicey. You watching?

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I’m sorry you weren’t aware of these policies beforehand and that it caused you to miss out on your pictures. @JordanRunner is correct as this has been the policy since reopening aside from a brief stint this summer when mask requirements mostly went away.


Yeah. Talk about a whole new ballgame eh

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I’m sorry, but there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for removing a mask indoors during a pandemic. None. Ignorance of guidelines or rules is no excuse. It’s a pandemic. Keep your mask on indoors. I’m just glad my mask was always on to protect me from the [expletive deleted] who was in front of me on Space Mountain. Whether his disgusting mouth breath was flying back at me for the whole length of the ride or just several seconds when he thought it would affect his photograph – Just thinking about it – seriously, not getting a picture is the least consequence of his selfish action. I could be in a hospital on a ventilator right now thanks to his behavior.

I really – I really have to apologize to everyone else in the forum. I fear I am becoming shrill. But OMG. Pandemic. Science. Reality. Jesus.


Holy cow


No worries
Just Nelson Cruz

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Ugh, reminds me of the idiots in front of me in line for Space. They would pull their masks up when we approached a CM and then pull them back down as soon as we passed. People that think they’re above the rules like that drive me nuts.


The point is that I did not realize they wouldnt release the photos. Trying to spread the word. Everyone can relax now. I was trying to help. Didnt expect the crap from the folks on here. No good deed…


I guess I kinda get it, but seriously, put your mask on and keep it on, and tell your kids, too. Masks save lives.

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