Photobooks that allow for non-photos?

I’d like to make a photobook for DD10 and include many of the photos from our recent trip .

(trip report)

But I’d also like to include some of the actual memorabilia from our trip. The paper touring plan we looked at, the note from the Mousekeeper, stuff like that. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make a phtotobook where I can include this sort of thing? One option is to scan those items and use them as photos but I’d prefer to include the actual items. That might be more fun for her years from now.

In the past I’ve used Shutterfly and Apple, but I can’t see this as an option.

shutterfly has an option to order a memorabilia packet that you can attach to the photo book, or you can buy adhesive memorabilia packets on line . They come in various sizes, so you could include a large one in the back of the book with everything in one place. Or you could also leave a space on the page(s) you know will accommodate the items you want and stick packets in the appropriate spot(s) in the book after it arrives.

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I should add that I think shutterfly only sells one size that I’ve seen, so if you want more flexibility you likely will have to look at a scrapbook store or online. they are more expensive from shutterfly as well.

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I suppose there is the tradiditonal non-digital scrapbooking approach; print out the photos you want and mix them with memorabilia in a scrapbook. I know there are some scrapbookers here in the forums that might be able to help you out…

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thanks to both of you. It occurs to me I haven’t even asked DW yet! I’ve done the photobooks for the family but she does whatever it is you do when you shop at Michael’s or AC Moore. Using some of those adhesive pockets on blank pages in a photo book or just printing out photos the old fashioned way are both good options.