Photo suggestions wanted

I’m going with a group of five people to universal and I am looking for a list of rides where the onride photos will be able to have all five people in the photo. Anyone have any ideas?


5s a toughie. A couple great photo ops… in front of the t-rex near the “Jurassic park center” ( forgot the name) and in front of the dragon in hogwarts, when the fire blows!

You would all be in the picture in the Mummy, Men in Black and Jurassic Park River Adventure. They take your picture in the line for Escape from Gringotts, so all five of you would be in the picture, but that picture is not taken on the ride.

Edited to remove my original comment about Hagrid’s just to keep my answer accurate! (You cannot have five in a picture on Hagrid’s.)


No, they are individual pics of each bike and sidecar combo on Hagrid’s.

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Thanks, @missoverexcited!

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