Photo pass- missing pics.?

Home from a great trip but realized not all my photos are there and I have a bunch of random water slide pics of strangers lol…hopefully there are none of me floating around on other peoples accounts lol…only really bummed because my son’s ET photo is not there but mine, husbands and nieces are. Is that photo gone now for good or is there a way to recover it?

We had loads of random people at the water parks. I don’t know if they can find missing pics, sorry.

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I had a similar issue earlier in the year. I don’t know how long it’s been since the photos were taken, but a few of mine took a few days to appear.

Thanks we got back on the 31st.

I would try calling them. If you have a general idea of the time and the date, as well as information about the surrounding pictures when you have, they may be able to track them down. No guarantees, but it is always worth a shot. I did have a couple pictures that took a day or two to come through, but not as long as 5 days.

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