Photo pass+ discontinued what is going on

Hey heading out to Disneyland late this spring found out there is no longer photo pass plus with rides attached and the program it has now is not worth it. Does anyone know what and when will they add a new photopass

According to photopass CM I spoke to at the parks last week, they’re still in process in deciding what packages to offer. If you purchase the $69.95 CD online, you will be able to edit your photos but will not include ride photos.

Is that permanent or is something else taking it’s place and if it is when.

I have no idea since the CMs don’t know yet. There may be something by the time you get here.

The PhotoPass plus program has now changed into a one day $39 pass for all of the photos. if you don’t have an annual pass with the photo pass option (which are the new Disney Signature passes).

It now works with the Disneyland app so you can see your photos right away.
Here are the basic details of the new program.