Photo ID

Would a UK photo driving licence be accepted as ID to purchase alcohol or general uses where its needed around wdw as we would rather not carry passports round all the time.

Probably, it is a legal government id which is usually accepted for us.

Yes, we use the photo cards from our UK driving licences in the states as ID all the time and have never had a problem.

I would think yes but I seem to recall one liner reporting an issue with it. Maybe @mALYficent? Hopefully she’ll drop in and confirm.

Ugh it’s eaaaarly! Yes that was me. We wanted to keep our passports locked up and were just using our driver’s licenses, but in the UK pavilion at EP, they didn’t want to sell us alcohol, said that they’re not valid ID in the States, and after some cajoling, he finally sold it to us, but said he wasn’t supposed to be. So might be safer to keep your passports on you so you’re not denied, or if you do just have your licenses and get refused, just ask for a manager

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Thanks for the help everyone. If we get stuck we will have to hope @MDU is around, I believe she has some experience in purchasing alcohol:-)