Photo-Centric Solo Trip Report (3/5-3/12)

Yes. Super irritating.

What’s ironic about this story is that I’m usually the slow walker and everyone else rushes/brushes/pushes past me (why don’t all those words rhyme properly? :thinking:)

I’m not only slow but I am sometimes a lottle oblivious (that’s like a little, except a lot) about being in people’s way. My sisters call it “tunnel-vision.” (I once walked so closely past Kate Middleton that I could have fist-bumped her had the body guards not frowned on the idea, but I totally didn’t even see her because I was on a mission to find the toilets in King’s Cross Station. True story.)

Point is, I am usually the one who finds herself in people’s way or generally unaware of how much room I’m taking up. So I’m always very apologetic when I find myself blocking the path and am more than happy to step aside and let people pass.

Unless they’re line-cutting. But that’s a different thread. :joy: