Photo Boxes?

Have they bought back the dreaded photo boxes or are they mostly photographers?

I got a photo box at Tinker in MK and with Chewbacca at HS this past week. Didn’t do a huge amount of characters but the boxes were there.

At MK, they were NOT at Mickey, Cinderella, Elena, and Ariel.

At HS, they were NOT at BB8.

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I only saw them for Chewy and Vadar and we still got great shots from them.
There were CMs telling us when and where to look. Two of them actually. How is that cheaper than a photographer I do not know…


Purely a guess on my part without knowing the facts … I suspect a CM assisting at a Meet and Greet is paid a lower hourly rate than a CM photographer.

Probably this, plus if the choice is photo box and regular CM vs photographer making time and half to fill a vacancy, it’s much cheaper. The boxes will allow them to employ fewer photographers and not pay overtime.

I don’t like it, but I understand it.

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Do you know when the box takes the photo?

a light flashes and they repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat


Got it, thanks!

I think the hardest part would be getting smallish children to loook in the right place.

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I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t make the Star Wars M&G photo boxes look like this



They looked like this:



Good grief, Disney.

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Some Photopass photographers are better than others. At $169 for MM, I would expect a real person. In 2012, we had MM. I loved the border and stickers we got to chose for our pictures. Now, it’s not available and downloading the pictures is challenging.

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