Photo booths at WDW

Does anyone know of a reference that lists all the photo booths at WDW? We had a great time using the one in the space mountain gift shop and want to make it a game to find them all. Mostly the ones that take Photo pass. But a list of them would sure be nice :).

The only booths that I’ve found mentioned in the forums that are photopass are:

  1. the arcade outside Space Mountain. It is the one closest to the ride exit next to the counter with registers.
  2. at pizza planet in HS

I’ll be watching this thread, in case anyone knows of others. Thanks for starting it.

There’s one at the ‘store’ at Figment in Epcot I believe. I have no idea about whether it uses photo pass though…

I looked around AK today and didn’t find any. Missed the Hs one yesterday but will definitely get figment tomorrow. Thanks all! Will post if I find any more.

Well the one at Figment is no more. They changed it to a 3rd party booth per the CM working so it won’t work now. We looked around but didn’t find any others.

I know this is an old conversation. Does anyone have a current list of the photo booths that can be used with Memory Maker??

The ones mentioned are the only ones we found - PLUS there’s a booth at the end of the shop on Test Track.
It takes multiple photos, but you chose one and it creates a ID type photo with it. My DW and DD took a few shots together and it showed up on MM.