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I’m planning on taking my iPhone for photos and videos whilst in Disney. We have memory maker but will probably be taking A LOT of photos ourselves!!
I’m coming from the UK so not planning on bringing a laptop to upload my photos onto every day. How do you guys save all your photos and videos til you get home? I have had this suggested:
but just wondered if anyone has any other suggestions?

I just use a cloud storage.

I have loads of space on my phone - I took nearly 2000 in August - but I also have cloud storage.


We used a similar device (no longer available) that had an SD card slot. We could use it to get photos off the phone to free up space, and we could also use it to get photos on to the phone (from a camera) to post on social media.

Apple provides extra cloud storage for as little as $1/month.

Google has something similar:

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We used Google Photos. It auto-syncs with the phone. The only downside is that it doesn’t store the raw imagery… meaning you would no longer be able to do very large (larger than a full page) prints with your photos. If you only plan to use them digitally… then it’s good enough.

That can be changed. I pay for the Google One 100 GB plan for $2/month, and it stores everything full quality. it will keep a lower-resolution version on the phone, but the version in the cloud is full quality if you need it for printing.


Good to know.

I was going to use iCloud, but then I cleaned out my phone. I was amazed by how much crap accumulated there that I couldn’t get rid of, no matter how many apps, photos, caches, text message threads etc I deleted. The normal means of freeing up memory didn’t touch it. I had a 3 year-old underused iPhone and 70% of the storage it was unidentifiable, undeletetable, useless garbage.

I backed up the phone, did a hard reset and got all that storage space back again. I would highly recommend to everyone that they check how much memory is taken up by data they can’t identify, and get rid of it. You may not need to worry about extra storage if you can clean out what you have.


I use a Bolt drive.

Thanks for the info

I don’t worry about that while on trips b/c I have the cloud backup. I just made sure my phone was clear before I went. We had a week long vacation and I took thousands of pics and videos. I just download them once I’m home.

If you are an amazon prime member download the amazon photo app. You get free photo storage.

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Oh! Thanks for the info. I’m going to do that!