Phew - ADR Day and

So, last night I set my alarm to 5:30 PM instead of 5:30 AM. Sigh. Thankfully, I woke up automagically at 5:45 AM. Only had one glitch with the website. When I tried to sign up for the Tiffins RoL package, it would not take me to the reservation page. So I moved to my Edge browser for that one, and then found out when I was all done that I had chosen November 24th instead of December 24th. It’s all good.

  • Artist Point was not available so I chose Citricos.

  • Biergarten is apparently not open on Christmas Day as the date was greyed out, so I chose Chefs de France for Christmas Day and Biergarten for the 27th.

Other than those two aberrations, it went well and took me 30 minutes to secure 14 ADRs

One of the things I found easier this time is that I go back to the restaurant list and search for the next restaurant using my browser’s search function rather than the website’s search function.

Another thing I did was put in the time that I wanted rather than which meal; gave me better options

Well, today is our staff meeting, so I need to actually put on real clothes and go into work. See you all later!


Congrats on the ADRs!

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