Phase 2 of VGF declared

Around half of the new Resort Villas have been declared into the VGF Condominium Association, meaning sales could begin soon.


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

I am really curious about point cost. I would never buy it- but curious.


I confess I’m a teensy bit curious how it comes in relative to existing VGF and whether there is any discount for early birds. Probably not. But if there’s ever a time to buy as an investment, I think it would be during the initial offering of a resort.

That said, if I am going to buy at a new resort, it would be the new tower at the Disneyland Hotel.

I believe it would have the same end date as the other GFVs? They are currently offering incentives for BLT.

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I think @Jeff_AZ meant price wise. How will the price for points for the new units compare with the existing cost of buying GFV direct? I have to think the two will be the same since they’re part of the same resort.

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Price wise I posted the BLT incentives for an idea of current incentives.

My point on it being the same as the rest of GFV is that the clock on the years already started. Since that is 2064 it has less years then Poly, CC, and Riviera.


Disney’ DVC contract buybacks have most likely been high after they’re email to members a couple of months or so ago.

Yeah since VGF is an existing resort I guess this is a bad example of buying in at inception. A better example would be Riviera. I’m curious to go back and look at what the introductory prices were there and how much they have appreciated relative to the other resorts over the same time period (I’ll do this later). :wink:

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Any ballpark possible on when we can expect to be able to book these rooms with points?

Someone suggested (Chad Pennycuff maybe?) that they might use the VGF points to make the existing, not yet sold out resorts (Riviera, Aulani) look more appealing and however they explained it made sense to me

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Goes on sale March 3rd for existing members!|329140534&cid=PDM473251&bid=750176271

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Wow, I hadn’t seen the point chart - the resort studios are the same point value as the deluxe studios?

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Amd thanks! I entered the sweepstakes :slight_smile:

They’re bookable categories so you’ll know which you’ll get. But yes, same points value.

The two types of room are catering to a different demographic, some will prefer a traditional studio, others will prefer a traditional hotel room. It’ll be interesting to see which book quicker.


I was glad you could see the different categories. We are a family content with studios, we definitely like the toaster and microwave! Especially with the full size Murphy beds going in, just in time for my daughter to be closer to adult size, I am team deluxe studio.

I am very, very interested in getting a small direct add on, and am trying to figure out where that should be, before I work on making the argument for DH. I thought GF could be it, depending on the price. But I am not really interested in these new rooms which well be a big portion of the inventory.

I am still really perplexed by these rooms and that they will bc part of the DVC pool even though they are seriously less deluxe in almost every way. If I owned there I would be very upset.

So I haven’t paid much attention to this, mainly because I’ll never buy at VGF for any reason and because it’s also fairly unlikely to be on my radar for a stay unless eventually one day solo.

Are these new rooms essentially hotel+ or deluxe studio-?? Like an in-between category between hotel and deluxe studio?

Yes. No kitchen suite, just beverage cooler and coffee maker and no deluxe bathroom with split tub and shower room. They basically just have the same color palettes.

Hmm… even GDT is more upscale than that.

I don’t know if I’d be angry, but it certainly wouldn’t seem to me to be a good use of points. Even if they are pretty (which they are)

What about this makes it NOT a hotel room?