PH tickets with package to Platinum Passes

Hi! We purchased a 9 night/10 day stay at All Star Music with the free delicious offer for the end of Sept. It now appears that we will be back within a year and so the cost of a platinum pass is about the same price as 2 sets of 7 day PH tickets and with memory maker for both trips, it is about $170 cheaper.

For next year we also got a crazy deal on a condo offsite, so while I see Disney is currently doing a bounce back offer I think we might be better off upgrading our existing 9 day park hoppers to platinum passes solely because of the addition of memory maker with the platinum pass.

My questions therefore are:

  1. Do annual passholders get free parking at resorts or is it just theme parks? We will have a vehicle for both trips. From what I read this is just at theme parks so we would still have to pay $13/night

  2. If I upgrade my tickets to platinum passes as soon as I arrive will I be able to use memory maker for the first trip?

  3. What am I missing that makes this a silly way to do this?

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In October 2017 we had 6 day PH tix with free dining. We knew we were going back in April 2018 with kids for DD orchestra trip and August 2018 for just DH and I for a football game labor day weekend. Upgraded to the Platinum AP on day one. Memory Maker for 3 trips and then room discounts for the other two trips plus what we would have paid for tickets for the other trips more than made up the price difference. My pics on MM showed up immediately. Even the pics from our Oct 2016 trip showed up. You will not have to pay to park at the parks but will still have to pay at the resorts. We had 19 days of tickets so AP was worth it just for tickets alone.

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