Ph & fpp

Since I am staying at an Epcot resort next trip, I have decided to get park hoppers.

I think we will end up rope dropping MK and park hopping to Epcot quite a bit. What FPP strategy works best?

If you are going between the two and rd’ing MK, I would THINK that you don’t have too much to worry about. There aren’t too many things you need a fp for at EP. If there’s an AM emh at EP during your stay, you DEFINITELY want to take advantage since it will be a breeze for you to get there in the AM. I’d make lists of everything you want to do that requires a FP, and then cross ref with which days you will be at either park. Strategically knock out what you’d like that makes sense at RD + early AM in MK. I think the toughest thing will be Frozen and 7D for FP availability. I’d assume Frozen would be better left for a late afternoon FP since it’s in WS, and you could check some stuff out in WS and have dinner there, and not have to walk back to FW - again, just an opinion. I think if you are planning to hop between both multiple times, and there’s an AM or maybe even a pm emh at EP, your planning will be pretty easy to do all of the FP worthy attractions at EP.

We also luck out since DD7 tells me she doesn’t want to ride Frozen again. :grinning:

I’m having SEVERE planning paralysis.