Peter Pan's Flight of Passage

Picture this: Peter Pan’s Flight in the ride style of Flight of Passage. You fly over London, you reach Neverland, you swoop down past Hook’s pirate ship, you have a sword fight with Captain Hook, you fly just out of reach of a jumping tic toc croc!
Starring Dustin Hoffman as Hook!


I am so here for this

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Now this would be worth a several hour wait! Never thought I’d say that…

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Now that sounds amazing!

This would make the fight to get the FPP worth it. I get how cute and classic it is, but it doesnt match the amount of work to get on it lol.

Bonus: Keep the classic queue for nostalgia, maybe even create a catwalk to route the line through the original ride so you can see everything that was there, and then, BOOM, amazing ride experience like the original imagineers couldn’t have even imagined!

Will never happen, but hey, we can dream!

Part of what makes Peter Pan great is that it hasn’t been replaced with something new.


Then people like me with motion issues couldn’t ride it. And it’s one of my favorites. It’s good there is something for a variety of people. I don’t want Disney becoming like Universal where there is so much screen based stuff.