Peter Pan Tsum Tsums

I am so frustrated at how quickly the tsum tsums sell out! I haven’t bought any new ones since early summer. Today, I tried to buy the Peter Pan tsum tsums as soon as I woke up and they were already sold out online. Then, I tried calling our nearest Disney Store (which is nearly 2 hours away) to see if I could buy them and have them shipped to me. They refused. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with the Disney Store restocking them online after they are sold out. Is there is a certain time when they restock items online? Thanks!

I agree it is crazy. I happened to wake up around 3 am and got 7 of them.

I saw some tsum in Target and Disney Outlet.

I was at Target last week and they had a new display of tsum tsums in the toy section!! FYI…I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.