Peter pan rd

I’ve always gone straight to pp at rd with no wait. TP is saying I’ll have a 40 minute wait. THoughts?

did the park hours change? is your start time too early?

TP makes the assumption that you arrive at the park at 9, vs being there early for the welcome show and being near the front of the pack

PP has been my RD choice in the past. When I had a pre RD BOG ADR in April I went to PP first. Usually when I get off my first RD ride the line is about 20 minutes. I often will do Space twice at RD and then head to PP. You should find a much lower wait.

That’s a relief! I was really beginning to wonder what i got myself into :wink: we’ve always gotten there at rd and ridden almost all the kid rides we wanted by the time our one o’clock fp rolled around. We haven’t been in a few years, so I was worried when O saw that wt for pp.
i got fp for the buzz lightyear ride, but tp says the wait shouldn’t be too long. Should i use it for something else? My kids love the ride, and i want to make sure we can ride it

PP will be fine if you are in the RD group- they are all going to 7DMT or A&E anyways. I saw a trip report during spring break where they got both PP and Pooh done in under 30 minutes, then hit HM with no line- and it was easy street from there. They had a BoG for 7DMT- but it was after 9 when they finished 7DMT, and still got all of this done during spring break- which is pretty busy.

We are doing RD in the MK as well- and plan to do 7DMT, PP, and Pooh before 10 AM. We have a FP+ for PP just in case crowds are a bit higher than we think they will be- but are hoping not to use them so we can go thru the new Q. That will be on an EMH morning in early December- plus we are always at the turnstiles at least 30-45 minutes before park opening so are towards the front of the RD crowd. Glad to know those crazy wait times on my TPs for the first attraction doesn’t include being at RD :smile: I just ignored them and relied on my experiences, but it is nice to have the explanation.

When are you going and what time is your Buzz FP? You can keep it and change it before you use it if Buzz is a ride you really want to do (that way if the crowds are crazy you do not need to worry), or change it now.

My buzz fp is around 6 (after our break) tp says the wait without fp should be less than 10 minutes, but I’m not sure i believe it. …

I would keep it.

we were able to do PP in less than 20mins both times that we tried even when the app and the cast members said it would take almost kids prefer Pooh ride and PP and also buzz (which we didn’t need fast pass for as long as we went early or later in the evening).RD is the way to go!

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