Personalized TP's with Genie Question

We are leaving tomorrow and I am finalizing my TP’s. For a number of them, I am getting a message that I might be late for certain things, but the only thing I can find is that I am not arriving at certain attractions at the beginning of my LL window, but still within the return window. Will that produce such an error message? I never had this much trouble before and always got the reassuring “Your plan has been updated” message.


Some folks have posted about this over on chat.

I can’t remember exactly what the solution was but hop over there and ask.

Scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then WDW Chat.


The full Lines mobile app content (including Lines Chat) is available as a mobile web site at from any web browser. You may find that the Safari web browser or Google Chrome work best for the mobile web site.

Or try-

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Usually this is for timed things likes shows, breaks and meals. I haven’t seen it mentioned for the timing of LLs. I get that message often in my TPs if I am cutting it close to a designated timed event. Just watch your time for these particular things. It should only be a problem if youre running behind schedule.

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