Personalized TP with JTA signup?

Question about personalized Touring Plans. DD10 wants to participate in Jedi Training Academy during our upcoming trip, yet the only JTA steps I can add are for ‘view the show’ and do not allow me to include a step for signup or to “Lock in” both a show time and the arrival time - at least as far as I can see. Am I missing something?

You could add a break and label it “sign up for JTA” but I think that’s the best you could do there. Obviously it will be step 1 anyway.

As far as “view the show” you’ll have to guess a bit on that as it will depend which show you can get into for participation. But you can pick a preferred show time.


We signed up before an 8am breakfast at H&V so I didn’t bother to put it in my TP. I knew what time I wanted to sign up for and it wasn’t a problem to get this slot since we signed up before the park was open, so I selected this time in my TP. And then I added a 15 minute break to account for the time you need to arrive beforehand.

Hope this helps!

For my personalised plan I added a break from 0900-0920 to line up and make the booking…get there 1 hour early. Then putting in a 30 min break before the time slot I think i will want and 15 mins after the jta. I am throwing in breaks everywhere so I can get 1 of 2 times in mind.

Take a look at this video around the 2 minute mark They say if you are doing Jedi training, you will be let into the park before it opens. Can this be true? I assumed we’d have to be there at park opening and get over to the sign up area as quickly as possible.

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Not sure if this is the case anymore but never seen this video so thanks

When we were there this past October they did not allow anyone in before park opening. So at rope drop some people began running to Jedi training. For those of us that walked we still got there in plenty of time to sign up for our first choices.