Personalized TP Bug: Walking times w/breaks/G+

Anyone have ideas about how to solve this (see screenshot). The walking times to/from breaks and to/from “Obtain lightning lane…” are always calculated at 1 minute.

(The last time I offered a suggestion on the contract us form, someone replied (which is cool) but it was likely a copy/paste of “We won’t be doing that. Thanks for using touring plans”. Which, I appreciate, is clear, but seems like 3 more minutes could have given a slightly more generous response.)

I haven’t used that feature but I would be more annoyed that it tells you to book at 4:26pm as if you have to wait for BatB to be over before you can book, when you really will be eligible as soon as you tap in. Maybe it has a problem with “overlapping” plan steps?

One option instead that I would do is to enter your LL booking ideas as notes on the actual step in the website version of your plans. You have to do it on the website vs. the Lines app I believe. You can click “Edit” by any step and add Notes. Put notes to yourself about what LL you want to book next after tapping in at that ride/show, or approx at 2 hr marks. These should show up when viewing on the app, I just think you can’t edit unless you edit on the website. I also add notes in the Additional Notes section of the general plan overview section at the top (like where you change the plan name/date) about LL priorities and what outfits we are wearing, etc.