Personalized TouringPlans not working

Anyone else having trouble? When I click either Optimize or Evaluate, it appears that the page is loading, but nothing happens. Any troubleshooting advice?

Never mind. It's fixed. Anyone know how to delete a post?

I'm glad you figured it out. I'm not sure that you can delete a Forum post. It's not a big deal though. It will fall really far down the list after a few days.

Did it just fix on it's own? Mine is doing nothing when I hit optimize.

I also have had problems when creating my personalized plan. In fact in 2013, I tried to do it, with dining plan reservations, etc, but when I hit optimize, the result is ridiculous. I gave up. So, here we are planing our next trip and I take all the time to select which rides we want, how many times, dining plans, etc and then every time I "optimize" it puts the Anna and Elsa M & G at the end, right before closing time. Well, that is odd, considering the exhibit closes at 2pm. Has anyone else had this problem? HELP!!!

None of my tps are updating either! My FP+ booking window starts in an hour talk about bad luck!

Snayak82, just make your FPP selections and worry about Tp later. You will be able to add your selections. I know you want the computer make time suggestions before to select you FPP, but it will work out.

Thanks SwensonNov2014. I already have some draft plans with FP times, just wanted to make some minor tweaks.

Anyway serves me right for evaluating the same plans 10x a day the server finally got tired of my shenanigans.

Why do you say A&E meet and greet ends at 2:00? Pretty sure they run all day. And it sounds as though TP is suggesting that if you have no FPP, you'd get your overall lowest wait time if you save that meet and greet for last.

A&E is actually meeting until the park closes. Several liners have reported less than 30 minute waits by getting in line just after Wishes. So, it sounds like that is a pretty good strategy. Also, if you aren't liking some of the optimize results, try moving things where you want them and hitting evaluate instead. It will tell you the predicted times for your choice order. I also find that adjusting walking speed or choosing minimize walking can yield me more likable results. Good luck!

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My personalized TPs are evaluating or optimizing correctly either - at least my ones to Studios. It just spins and spins and doesn't every finalize. Did anyone find a solution or is it just about logging out and back in and such?

the tp app has the times listed as closing at 2pm. Is that not correct?