Personalized touring plans question

I am working on my touring plans for our trip in September. is there a way to put two things at the same time? on one of our days I am taking my two year old to get his haircut while my husband takes our seven year old to ride splash mountain and haunted mansion. it would make the timing for everything a lot more seamless. thank you so much for any help out there.

What you need to do is put in a break for the time period you are going to be splitting up, and just note what each group is going to be doing. Either that or keep Splash and HM in the TP and just know that you and DS are going for the haircut.

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Also you can keep Splash and HM and make a note on each step. That you and DS will be at haircut and where you will rendez vous.

I’d love to see that as a feature, though… I can see, with one of your split plans as haircut, that it works to just leave Splash and HM, but what about if you’re doing two different rides? It would be nice to see how the timing will work out.

For example, we’re looking to split up, with one group going to Space Mountain while the other does Cinderella and Rapunzel Meet and Greet. I wonder how far off we’d be, timing-wise.

thats what I was thinking, especially with not knowing how long we might be and we cant truly make oyr plan.

thank you. didn’t think of that.

If you put Space in your plan instead you can see how long it will take, make a note of the times, add a bit of wriggle room, and then put your ride/meet back in with notes on what your husband is doing. If his ride takes longer then add a little break to cover the time.