Personalized Touring Plans and Tap and Modify FPP

Hey everyone!
We are getting set for another exciting trip to WDW in the middle of May. We have been to Disney several times, and I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on, but in December I got on the TP train and got my first subscription! I have learned so much over the last couple of months about the FPP system and TP. One of my favorite things has been learning about the “Tap and Modify” system with FPP. Without ever doing a TP or the tap and modify system in the past, I’m wondering how I can combine those two ideas into one. I have my TP set, and have included my first 3 FPP in my plans, but what do I do when I get my 4+ SDFP? Do I just modify my TP for that day in the park and re-optimize?
Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA!

Usually, I use the additional FP+ to speed things up in my plan. For example, If I just completed my first 3 FP+, I try to get a FP+ for the next step in the plan (or the one after that), so that I can get some advance on my schedule.

When it works well (usually relatively easy at MK, sorta depends on the rides you target at AK and HS; never tried at Epcot as our family only did that park once), I finish the plan early and I get some time left at the end of the day to do whatever we feel like.

I never optimized while in the park as I never felt the need.

To be honest by the time I get my 4th I just wing it. I use a printed plan so I never reoptimise but it does mean I can look at the plan and jump back into it at any point if I want to.


I typically do reoptimize in the park but only once or twice, after I have finished big chunks of touring (like after lunch) and usually only if we have finished a lot more, or a lot less than expected. Typically by this point I am also winging it more, so the TP is more of a suggestion.

I don’t usually add new FPP in, just bank the time savings. If I get a 4th FPP for a ride with a really long line like SDD or FOP, I typically had already accounted for hopefully getting a same day FPP in my TP.

I found marking things done, was easy and then reevaluating, but sometimes I was already in my next line when I remembered, so my wait times might not be accurate. I don’t think I ever added a FP to my plan, but I did add the attraction and just marked it done when we were finished, then re-evaluated.

You know, the TP doesn’t actually know where you are unless you tell it, so why not make up a test plan one morning and then play with the app as if you’re at the park. See what you can do with it and how easy it is to move things around.

Also, if you’re using wifi and not data, be prepared to curse a little or a lot when you end up with just an endless “submitting” until it finds the next hotspot. There was one day when I couldn’t take it anymore and I paid my cell phone’s roaming plan just to be able to check FPs and book plans.

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think thats a good idea

:rofl: That might be something I need to put into the budget!

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I did the tap and modify last year with custom TPs and plan to do it again in May. I add the rides I’m hoping to get with tap and modify to my custom TP plan with the FP entered to have an idea of what could be reasonably done if everything works. If I can’t get the FP, I just mark it done to skip it or move it later and go on to the next ride in the plan.

If you are really planning to take whatever FP pops up, then I would ditch the plan entirely. Or maybe put together the plan for the morning and then start winging it after you have your 3 FPs complete.