Personalized Touring Plan Not utilizing EMH

I’m working on creating a plan for HS on 7/9/17, which is a day with EMH and have have selected the button to use them. Everytime I optimize, it doesn’t use the EMH. IT is starting our day at 9:25 with a ToT FP and putting Aerosmith at 4:00pm with a 44 minute wait! I know that we will plan to do Aerosmith at RD, so I’m not too worried about it, but I’m wondering why the optimizer is not putting it there. Am I doing something wrong?


Not able to look at any information just now but I’m wondering: is that right open during EMH? Not everything is

Its supposed to be open. Maybe that is changing?

unlikely but i suppose anything is possible

I got it to work. The first time it didn’t, but now it’s fine. Make sure your plan’s hours start at 8am. The first time I tried it, I DID select YES to magic hours, but the plan time still started at 9. I manually switched the start hour to 8am. But then, i deleted it altogether and started over - it worked fine. The first one might have been user error of some sort, I don’t know.


It has been a bit glitchy at times. Glad it’s working for you now!

I verified that the plan start time is 8:00am. I’ll try just starting the whole thing over later and see what i get. Thanks for the suggestions.