Personalized Touring Plan for DL on Veteran's Day

Postings in this forum and on the Lines app chat suggest that Veteran’s Day crowds will be much larger than the “2” that the crowd calendar shows. I created a personalized touring plan for that day, but I’m wondering how useful it will be. If the crowd calendar is off, won’t the predicted wait times on the touring plan be off too?

We will be there that day and here is how I am dealing with it. Once you have your plan tweaked, make a copy of it. Then evaluate this copy for a day where the crowd prediction is much higher. This will account for the huge crowds that DL is expecting, but TP is ignoring. Print both copies, compare the differences. We have been at AK before on a day that was supposed to be a 4, but ended up being a 9 due to rain the day before. Our plan worked perfectly, even with the huge disparity in the predicted and actual crowd level. I assume the same will be true on Vets Day, but I want to be prepared just in case.

I set the walking speed on my plan for that day to the slowest possible, although for us Wednesday (our last day) is mostly going to be a FastPass and “anytime attraction” kind of day. I definitely don’t expect it to be anywhere near a “2” but last year when that weekend and holiday were so bad, the Christmas activities had just started. This year, everything starts on the 13th and the Season of the Force and Superhero HQ start on the 16th. I wonder if the odd midweek holiday plus the holiday and new specialty stuff not yet underway might keep some locals away on the 11th. We are going to be prepared for the worst regardless. I definitely expect it to be the busiest day of the four we are in the parks. Actually I just saw Labor Day 2015 (predicted “3”, actual “8”). I could see Veterans Day with the same +5 for sure.