Personalized Plans

Quick question - are the estimated wait times on my personalized and optimized plan for the specific day we are going? Or is it for the crowd number (8 out of 10) for that day? It is not just an estimate based off any day, right? Thanks!

The Tour Plans are done based on specifics for each day and park. They use a computer programs that looks at each individual day. It will be specific to the specific dates you request. (example a touring plan for a tuesday one week would not be the same as a touring plan for a tuesday of another week.) Hope this helps

Personalized plans definitely change based on the day you input & the CL for that day; however, the computer programs that estimate the wait times as based on having data input from actual timed waits/FP distribution times. Unfortunately there isn’t enough user input from the DL side to make the numbers as accurate as they could be and I find often that Fastpass times are off (in both directions) and also that wait times (especially midday) are underestimated. Because of this, I make sure to have very fluid plans with lots of buffer time (adding in breaks to help create some separation where I think we may lag, setting the walking pace to relaxed) and use my personalized plans as a checklist for what we’ve got left to do.

We love to show up for park opening and put a little hustle in our first hour or two to accomplish as many of the major items on our plan for the day so that we’re ahead of plan and then can relax, enjoy what’s left. Also, I usually only plan for about half the days we will be in DLR, that way when I have leftover steps from previous days’ plans (plus things that the kids and/or husband decide after the fact that they want to do) I have completely empty days to use for all the “spillover”. To create a plan for those last day or two, I used to stay up at the hotel, re-evaluate how the plans went that I already created & then make new ones.

For a planner like me it was a fun activity & I used to sit down at the end of the day every trip and create plans for things we had left to do on our last day or two & trying to figure out the best order to fit it all in, even before I found touring plans, The only reason I don’t do it as much is because we know we will be back now that we have become passholders and so there’s not as much stress to get it all done every single time before we leave. However, I still enjoy making plans when we do have specific things we have set out to accomplish :slight_smile: