Personalized Plans vs Ultimate Plans

The way our vacation will roll out we will not be able to visit MK on 2 consecutive days. So our trip looks like this: MK, AK with Epcot that evening, HS, HS, & MK. I did this b/c my son is 16 + used the parks predicted crowd levels way back when I had to book my reservations. I will have to use the Personalized Touring Plans right? Unless I missed it, I don’t see a way to tell the Ultimate Plans to split the days. TIA

I’m following BC I’ve never been able to figure this out either. And the books have multiple day TP

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Maybe you are thinking of the 2-day touring plan? The ultimate plans are meant as a 1 day challenge I believe.

If you do mean the 2 day plans, you should be able to make a copy of each day’s plan separately and change the date to whatever you want. You do not need to visit the parks on consecutive days.


Ohhhh! How do I access the regular plans? I am somehow missing seeing them. :see_no_evil::crazy_face:

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Touring Plans

Try this link :point_up_2:t3:


Thanks so much!!


I like using a personalized plan better.

I like starting with their base plans & adding in my stuff & deleting unwanted rides. It’s been so long since we went that the blank page is too much. :upside_down_face: