Personalized plan link sharing

I believe this happened to me in past years as well. Whenever I shared my link for touring plan here, it would not let anyone see it. My Ds checked the link after I’d sent to him on email, worked just fine, as it always have thru the years we’ve done the personalized plan.

Not a big deal I guess but I do set them up as shared.

So if you clicked “share this plan” you should get given a URL.

Then you post the URL here.

If you don’t have the URL, click on “share this plan” again. The URL should appear within the plan itself.

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In case the visual helps, here’s a photo. You need to copy and paste the url that appears under ‘This plan is published’. Not the url for the page itself from the top.

Thanks, guys. Looks like I need to up my computer skills on this.

OK so necrothread I know…

Now back to the subject at hand, if I set a plan to Public and send that link to DD, she still can’t access it.
I presume that’s because she is not a Liner?

Hmmmm. :thinking: It is a URL…… Did you click the “publish this plan” button and use the URL that was generated?

If you’re not sure, you could try sharing the link here. We’d be able to tell you if you’ve used the right link.

OK hold on, I’ve just seen that the link generated when I published is different than the one the plan is on.
I’ve sent that one to DD to see if that works for her

ETA: OK coolio. That seems to have worked. Amazing what happens when you follow instructions eh
Thanks everyone!